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Simoes Intellectual Property was founded by Igor Simoes, a Brazilian IP attorney having more than 20 years of IP prosecution and litigation experience. By the end of 2018, Igor Simoes has prosecuted more than 3,000 patent and trademark cases in Brazil and abroad. In 2019, Daniela Fasoli joined the firm as a senior partner and works closely with Igor Simoes and the team in the Brazilian office.


The firm is known for strong patent and trademark practice which has advised on numerous application and opposition proceedings in recent years, being especially good at complex patent cases. The firm is highly regarded for its expertise in telecommunication, biotechnology, chemistry and pharmaceuticals.


In addition we also provide professional translation services of patent/trademark/design applications. The accuracy of our translations are certified by our technical team.


Simoes IP’s attorneys act on behalf of global companies, small and medium-sized entities, startups, universities and individual applicants. In our firm, attorneys work collaboratively with clients and design and deliver solutions customized to meet their specific needs, with responses within 60 minutes during working hours for urgent matters.


Simoes IP also specializes in providing IP services in Latin American countries centralizing client’s IP portfolio and instructions in Brazil as Central Office, which provides many advantages at very competitive costs.


As a way of example, if client needs to file and prosecute a trademark application in Brazil, Argentina, Mexico and Peru, he can send the instructions and documents to our office in Brazil ONLY (mail@simoes-ip.com.br), and the whole group of countries will be handled from there, saving important time and costs and simplifying administrative tasks (only ONE channel of correspondence,  ONE translation in Spanish, and ONE invoice for all countries). We will then communicate with our associates and will assure responses and feedback is communicated to the client in a fast manner. In the same way, further responses to Official Actions or other prosecution actions, can be coordinated centrally, avoiding having to send and explain a lot of times the same instructions.


Main Brazilian Clients: Air Force Technological Institute (Instituto Tecnológico de Aeronáutica – ITA) and National Institute of Technology (Instituto Nacional de Tecnologia – INT).


Affiliations: INTA, AIPPI, MARQUES, GRUR, Brazilian Bar Association, Registered IP Agent



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