The PPH SIPO-INPI (BR PTO) Pilot Project was published in the BR IP Gazette of January 30, 2018. Resolution nº 209 and can be provided as a courtesy.


To participate in the PPH SIPO-INPI Pilot Project, the subject matter of the patent application must belong to the technical fields of “information technology”, “packaging”, “measuring technology” or “chemistry”, except in any case, applications related to the technical field of “pharmaceuticals”.


The main parts of the Resolution nº 209 are:


– the Applicant must submit evidence proving that the request of the same family complies with the provisions of art. 5 of this Resolution by submitting at least one of the examination results clearly indicating which claims will be patented by the OEE and the examination result indicating which patent application will be patented in the OEE;


– the Applicant must submit amended patent application to correspond to the subject matter considered patentable by the OEE for the application of the same family respecting current normative instructions, regarding the amendments of patent applications at INPI;


– the Applicant must submit a table of correspondence of claims, evidencing the correlation between the new claims submitted to the INPI and the claims considered as being patentable by the OEE, according to the model in Annex II, or a statement that the claims submitted to the INPI constitute a mere translation of the claims of the application of the same family considered as patentable by the OEE;


– the Applicant must submit a declaration that the patent application is not in legal dispute in Brazil.


– in the event of the presentation of documents or copies of documents written in a language other than Portuguese, English or Spanish, the Applicant must also present the corresponding translation into Portuguese.


– the participation is forbidden to divisional applications, except those resulting from the direct division of the original application and resulting from the objection of lack of unity of invention by the OEE, in the corresponding application;


The PPH INPI-SIPO Pilot Project will receive up to 200 participation requests in the period from 02/01/2018 until 01/31/2020, up to 20 of these Mottainai type requests, and will be extended until all applications considered accepted are decided.




Patent applications with primary classification in the following IPC symbols, including their respective lower ranking hierarchical levels, may participate in the PPH INPI-SIPO Pilot Project. In any case, applications related to the technical field of “pharmaceutical”, understood as those applications with main or secondary classification with symbols A61K, are excluded.

  1. Information Technology
  Technical Field IPC codes
1 Machinery and Electrical appliances, energy F21# H01B, H01C, H01F, H01G, H01H, H01J, H01K, H01M, H01R, H01T, H02#, H05B, H05C, H05F, H99Z
2 Audiovisual technology   G09F, G09G, G11B, H05K
3 Telecommunications G08C, H01P, H01Q
4 Digital communication H04#
5 Basic Communication Processes H03#
6 Computer technology (G06# not G06Q), G11C, G10L
7 Methods of Information technology for management G06Q
8 Semiconductors H01L
9 Miscellaneous B61#, B60K, B60L, B60W, B62D, B62J, F02D, G02B, G02F, G03G, G08G, H01S, H05H


  1. Others
  Technical Field IPC codes
1 Packaging B65B, B65C, B65D
2 Measuring technology G01V, G01S
3 Chemistry B01J, C08#, C07#


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